5 Easy Ways To Make Money Online

Internet is not just a good source of information and knowledge but also an incredible source to make money. Everyone want to find an easy to way to make money online, not just students but people with full time job want to a little extra income. Internet provides you all that but you just have to focus on the good things over the internet. This ‘5 ways to make money online’ list is some online work that any age group people can do. You will see a lot of blogs giving you ways to earn online money but those are not for beginners and ask for huge investments whether this list provides ways easy to understand and easy to do.


Blogging is top on the list as everyone knows that is can easily turn into something profitable. This article that you are reading right now is a blog here. Anyone can do blogging and it’s the content you write that will reach out to people and give you a platform to earn. A blog can be about anything, it can be movie review blog, food recipes, news or whatever your passion is and you want to share it with world!

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You can make a blog very easily now, there are tons of tutorials out there to know how to make a blog and monetize it when you start getting traffic. But we recommend using WordPress if you are a beginner and about 73% of all the blogs you see are made on WordPress and then maybe you can start with your own ‘How to make money online’ blog!


Freelancing is really getting big as we speak, people now don’t want to be stuck at jobs and businesses, they want to do something of their own. Freelancing is something you can do as you want and most people do it as their part time. People don’t go to big companies for their needs anymore, they just hire freelancers for a day. If you have expertise in something say designing or video editing, you can work from your home online as a freelancer and do the jobs of people in need of your services.

What you should know about freelancing
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There are a lot of platforms you can apply to get jobs you want like Fiverr, Freelancer, Upwork etc. You will get experience in a field as well as you earn.


YouTube has so much potential as it let creators reach heights in this community and earn a lot of money. You can make a YouTube channel an make money with the videos you make. Just like blogging if you want to share your content to the world, you can do it in forms of videos and the best thing about YouTube is that it is free. People earn money on YouTube with tutorials, entertainment, news and tech etc.  People are making millions of dollars out of it. Just start with anything that you will continue making for a long time. Just focus on the content and you will definitely make money out of YouTube.

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Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is way of earning online in which you connect the customers to the retailers. It is basically putting up links of products of  e-commerce platforms say Amazon, on your website and when someone click that link it will take them to official amazon store and after buying that product you will get some amount of commission. It is great way to earn without even putting any effort.

Affiliate Marketing
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Now let’s say you don’t have a website then? There is another form of affiliate marketing that a lot of people work from now a days. There are companies that sell digital products and when you buy and refer it to others by a link you will get 60-70% commission on it. You can find out about them online.

Online Surveys

Yeah, you read that correct! You can earn money just by filing surveys. Online surveys are the easiest ways to make money. Some companies pays out people who fill their surveys as they want people’s opinion on the development of the product. Now some of the surveys can be complex to some extent but they pay quite good amount of money as 5 or 10 dollars.

Earn money online from surveys
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A lot of scams are happening right now in this field so if you are a beginner, don’t fill surveys with less payout and stick yourself to 3-5 level surveys.

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