Black people who got killed by US police for nothing

“I can’t breathe”. We all heard those words, those words of pain, suffocation and discrimination when a black man named George Floyd, 46-year-old, screamed out when he was getting choked by a US policeman on a public road in United States of America. He got killed because he used a fake $20 bill to buy cigarettes. It doesn’t matter where you are from but it made everyone around the world feel miserable that we still live in a world where people are still getting killed and differentiated by the color of their skin.

Now people around the world are protesting against discrimination. They have turned those three words of scream into “Black Lives Matter”. In US, millions of people are on the roads fighting the police and the system and bringing a change in the community. A lot of civilians are getting injured daily by the US police but people are not afraid and they should not be because this is not the first time that it had happened in US. “I can’t breathe” was yelled out by a lot of black people before George Floyd when they got killed by US police for nothing. Yes, for nothing.

Black people who got killed by US police for no reason

Breonna Taylor

Breonna Taylor, a 26 years old girl, was sleeping with her boyfriend at his apartment when police came to that apartment with a search warrant for drug search and they bust open the door. Her boyfriend got panicked and thought thieves are trying to break-in and he fired his pistol on them for protection. In return, police shot the girl eight times.

Breonna Taylor
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Aura Rosser

Aura Rosser’s boyfriend called the police on her and asked police to take her out of the house due to some legal issues between them. When police came Aura resisted to move out and was pointing a knife to the police and just in two minutes, US police officer shot the 40-year-old lady and killed her.

(Image Source: HuffPost)

Botham Jean

Botham Jean, a 24-year-old man, was at his apartment eating ice-cream and watching TV, when this police officer entered and shot him for no reason. While investigating she told the authorities that she thought it was her apartment and she thought that man who was there eating ice-cream (Botham) was an intruder.

Botham Jean - Nutty Spot
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Alton Sterling

Alton Sterling was a DVD seller and he was selling DVDs in mid-day when some policemen stopped the 37-year-old man and cornered him outside a shop and started asking him questions. As Alton showed no interest to their investigation and discrimination, they shot him on the road.

What we know about the Alton Sterling shooting
(Image Source: The Undefeated)

Eric Garner

Eric Garner, a 43-year-old black man, in US got choked and killed by a US policeman for selling him loose cigarettes. And while that policeman was choking him to death… guess what Eric was yelling out constantly?

Eric Garner
(Image Source: Business Insider)

 Tamir Rice

Tamir, a 12-year-old boy, who was playing with a toy gun in a park near his home got arrested in the park by the police because they thought it was a real gun. And inside the police van, due to police brutality over him; he died in under 4 minutes.

Tamir Rice
(Image Source : CBS 42)

Michael Brown

Michael Brown was walking with his friend near his home and he got shot by the policeman on duty. Yes, maybe the reason of this 18-year-old boy was walking at night! What do you think, huh?

Michael Brown
(Image Source: NBC News)

Atatiana Jefferson

Atatiana Jefferson was at her home with her nephew and after seeing her home door opened in the evening, her neighbors called the police to check if everything’s alright! When police arrived, they didn’t enter from the main door; they saw her from the garden window and taking her as the suspect they shot and killed the 28-year-old lady in front of her nephew.

Atatiana Jefferson
(Image Source: WETM)

Travyon Martin

 Travyon Martin, a Harvard fresher teenage, got killed by the neighborhood crime watch when he was walking around at night wearing a hoodie. Because the officer thought, the boy was looking like a ‘thug’ in that hoodie.

Focus in Trayvon Martin
(Image Source: WTVR)

Steven Taylor

Steven Taylor, a 33-year-old man, who was bipolar entered Walmart store with a baseball bat but he was not disturbing anyone and his family was there too to make sure he was harmless. But still, police came on to him gave him a Taser which led to fall that bat on the ground. But as he was shocked, he got out of control of the police and policeman just shot him in the chest.

Steven Taylor
(Image Source : KTVU)

Stephon Clark

Stephon Clark was in his backyard using his mobile phone when some neighbors of him reported to the police that there has been some car robbery in their area. When police arrived they saw him in the backyard and mistook the phone in his hands as a weapon and they just shot him in front of his family.

 Stephon Clark's
(Image Source: KCRA)

Rayshard Brooks

Rayshard Brooks was sleeping in drive-thru of a US ice-cream place called Wendy’s. When police went to see the matter they found the man sleeping. They woke him with their taser and he got panicked. In anger, he grabbed the taser from police and tried to run away but police shot him from behind.

Rayshard Brooks: What happened before police shot him dead? - BBC News
(Image Source: BBC)

These are one of the few cases that became a big news and reason of few protests by black people. There are 5000+ other cases in US where black people just got killed by US police. In the end, the policeman/woman got fired from their jobs( not in every case) and even sentenced to jail but there is a need to pull racism out of its foundation. Black Lives Matter is the movement getting followed by millions of people around the globe and we hope to see a change in this world, a world where everyone and which will run by the motto of Every Lives Matter!

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