Coronavirus Lockdown Actually Resulted in More Deaths, says Nobel Winner Scientist

Over 5 million people in the world have tested positive for Coronavirus where India covers over 1.5 lakh patients. In India, number of deaths has crossed over 64,000 today. We are in lockdown for over 2 months now and we saw a constant spike in number of patients during this lockdown. We never really got to compare how these numbers were different if there was no lockdown! Of course, you will think condition would’ve been worse than it is now but Nobel Prize winner scientist Michael Levitt thinks otherwise.

‘Coronavirus lockdown decision came out of a panic!’ – Levitt

Michael Levitt said, ‘Lockdown didn’t save any lives but it increased the number of deaths’. According to a report, he said that lockdown was not the right step to take. Levitt stated that lockdown was a panic decision by government and not taken by keeping scientific measures in mind. Earlier, UK Stanford University professor Michael Levitt’s predictions on corona pandemic came out to be true.

China Data Suggests Coronavirus Deaths To Slow: Nobel Scientist
Michael Levitt
(Image Source: Forbes)

With the lockdown decision all around the world, governments didn’t consider the risk of 10-12% increase in deaths because of unemployment. Levitt alleged that lockdown is useless; only more and more testing can be the outbreak of coronavirus. He also said that a lot of people have died in road accidents, got divorced and drug addictions are all resulted by this lockdown. All hospitals around the world are occupied with corona patients that result in causing deaths of people with other serious diseases.

Corona outbreak is coming soon

Stanford biophysicist Michael Levitt is analyzing coronavirus from January and he thinks we’re going to be fine. As now there have been an increment in deaths but the overall death rate is in decrement. Coronavirus spreading speed is getting slower and slower which is a good sign. Almost every country has given citizens some reliefs from lockdown. Schools and colleges in UK are going to be open, Spain is opening up restaurants and Japan is completely lockdown free now. If you go out on any main road in India, you will not see any sign of a lockdown as people are just rushing here and there, minding their own business.

Levitt reports ignore the total corona cases and focuses just on the new ones and there is a definite slow growth of coronavirus. He believes that corona will get extinct in few months.

Cases in India

Cases are increasing in India as we speak. Delhi recorded the most number of cases in a day yesterday – 2000. Over 4 lakh people have coronavirus and the situation is going out of control right now. Indian government might increase the lockdown from 30th June to further. But overall, the death rate has slowed down in India and patients are getting recovered at a good rate. As of now a total of over 2 lakh people have been recovered and they have sent back to their homes.

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