DU Open Book Examination is a bigger problem now for some students

Every DU student is uncertain about Open Book Examinations (OBE) that will be held from 1st – 15th July for final year UG students. Most of the students are protesting against that but after all the hearings and discussion from the Delhi University headquarters and it is finalized that there will be no changes in the OBE procedure.

Delhi University Admissions 2020 - DU
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Delhi University cleared all the doubts of students like the students with poor internet can give exams in their respective colleges by registering through NCT by mailing a written letter to their college principal or if any student fails to not give the exam due to poor internet or for any reason whatsoever, they can still give offline examinations that will held in September. And OBE is going to be practical based examination with theoretical questions, so the students can’t straight off copy and paste the answers from internet and books, only the students who have studied the topics deeply can score well in OBE.

OBE is a problem for DU students with compartment

The students who didn’t pass the previous year exam/s have to give those exams online now. It is difficult to clear previous year and present year even in offline/ regular exams, let alone online. Because the date sheet doesn’t do justice for students who are re-appearing for exams, they give exams with no day gap in between and students have to give an exam in afternoon and then come home and study for the one in next morning.

In OBE, the comfort for students is that they are at their homes but now they have to put more effort in studying the old/previous year topics to clear the exams. Students with back(compartment) have to study each and every topic in detail to pass exams now which is not the case in regular exams. They can get passed in regular exams by just studying the basics and using 10-year exams book but now it is really tough for them to interpret the exam to prepare and pass them. Students can’t score well in that condition and can get compartment again.

DU Admissions 2020

DU also have opened the portal for UG admissions 2020 without the option of colleges and courses selection and planning to open the colleges in September. But with the rising cases of COVID-19 virus every day in Delhi, it is really dangerous to even consider the opening of the colleges.  Students protested against the open book examination decision but it is happening anyway now.

But I think people should protest against opening the colleges that will affect the students in a worse way. I suggest Delhi University should start online classes of new batches. Online classes will eliminate the fear of coronavirus and teachers can complete syllabus in a better and fast way. The students with no internet and poor connection can be send notes and study material till everything gets well and then we could just get on to our old regular lives.

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