Indian Army bans Facebook, Instagram accounts of Soldiers

Every Indian army officer and soldier has to delete their Facebook, Instagram accounts and stop using other 89 sites/apps. As we know that India has banned 59 Chinese apps recently to resist China to get user access of Indian people. This big step was followed by US too, to give the Chinese some setbacks. Now Indian army took the decision for the soldiers to remove every social media account and sites that they can are risking for intelligence data safety.

Indian soldiers in LAC given full freedom to hit back at Chinese
(Image Source: Deccan Chronicle)

Indian army ordered every officer and soldier to delete their accounts from mentioned sites( not just deactivate). They don’t want to take the risk of leakage of sensitive user information of the soldiers and officers which will harm any army mission. Indian army has provided the deadline of 15th July, after that they will start checking the officers to soldiers to confirm whether they have deleted or not. If they find any account after 15th July then the intelligence team will take action on those officers. The banned sites include Chat, Viber, Zoom, TrueCaller, Hungama etc.

There was a time, when some Pakistani spies somehow honey-trapped few of the army senior officers back in 2018 into getting some classified army operations data. And in December 2019, Navy asked officers to delete their Facebook accounts and to not take their phones with them on mission base.

But they are still allowed to use some websites like Whatsapp, Telegram, Signal, Skype etc. They can use them in some limits and keeping in mind all the measures. Soldiers have been advised to not join any kind of unknown groups on Whatsapp or any other email groups. They have access to LinkedIn, Twitter & Quora just for taking information and cannot upload anything by themselves.

The report banned Facebook but not Twitter because of the difference of intelligence level between them. Facebook is highly sensitive and can be used to spy on someone. Earlier they said that no soldier can upload their photos in uniform or from the bases on any social media platform. The 13-lakh army is on the eastern Ladakh border fighting China and things have started to cool off as China is backing off all the parameters now and leaving their bases; but still they cannot be trusted right now and army will keep an eye on the bases for few more days.

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