Why Bhaskaracharya College is the worst college of DU

Yes, there is a college in Delhi University named Bhaskaracharya College of Applied Sciences in Dwarka – Off Campus. And if you have heard of it already then you come into minority because even DU is not so sure where is it! Students of Bhaskaracharya College have admitted that studying here was the worst experience of their life. This article contains all the things that are wrong with this college and the administration and to inform students to take admission in this college at their own risk.

Bhaskaracharya College of Applied Sciences


It is located in Dwarka Sector-2 and it is one of those places who really don’t want to visit because there’s nothing there. Bhaskaracharya College of Applied Sciences (BCAS) was built in 1995 and is the newest college of DU so it’s campus is really big and good but outside the college is all ruins. It is surrounded by Palam plots and traffic; and that mosque, just outside the college, is just like the cherry on the cake. It is 20-minutes away from the nearest metro station (Dwarka Mor) and bus stand is at a 10-minute walk distance.

Science College

Bhaskaracharya College is an only science college with only 11 science courses and 1 course of Instrumentation. So you can guess the total number of students (it is really low) and only half of them attend college regularly and then half of those attend all the classes from 9 am to 5 pm (FYI there is no rule of 75% compulsory attendance). These are just the students who wanted the teachers to adopt them. All of them are now preparing for SSC by the way.

Poor Canteen

BCAS has the worst canteen of all DU colleges. Even Rajdhani College’s is better than this. There are only a few chairs to sit and food in canteen is just so poor in quality and served in uncleaned manner. Canteen is so small that sometimes students have to give up theirs to teachers (don’t know why they eat there). And there is no other option to eat outside of college because there is nothing outside. There are 23 water cooler installed in the college but none of them works and are empty all the time.

Classrooms & Labs

BCAS’ classrooms look like you just entered some classroom of old government school with broken benches and black boards. Even the projectors in the class doesn’t seem to work. And the labs never have the proper equipment that works to do experiments. So even simple experiments takes up to months to complete and teachers blame students for making some external error to the equipment and lab assistants won’t help you, they are just always busy watching YouTube videos in their phones.

Faculty Houses

BCAS faculty apartments where faculty teachers live are inside the college. That means inside the college, families of faculty teachers are living with little kids who are always running around in the ground of the college. Students can’t even play any sport in college as the faculty teachers don’t allow them saying ‘it’s their kids study time’.

ECA Clubs

BCAS has few ECA societies but they stay inactive most of the time and students just join them to make new friends and time pass. They very rarely register for any competition and always gets rejected in the premise stage only because there focus is also on the attendance. And the most beloved friend is in the group is elected as president of the society and that’s it for 3 years. ECA convener never encourages any student to join and work for these clubs instead he gives all the ECA students attendance issues.


Every college fest goes on for at least two days and always has a ‘star night’ program at which some celebrity musician comes and performs. In BCAS, the biggest musician that had came was Akhil (remember him?) and last year some college pass out student boy band came who also participates in college competitions wit other music societies every year. And it’s because the fest is in hands of college administration. They eat up all the money that university provides the college and give something like 1-2 lakh rupees to students for the whole fest.

Every ‘star night’ starts off as 6-7 pm in DU but BCAS fest ends at 5:30 pm every year (if it is not cancelled) because everything is organised and in control under teachers, and teachers wants to go home and take a nap like any other usual day or maybe because their kids have their exam the next day.


Library of BCAS is the loudest place in the college where the library in-charge mam keeps yelling ‘STAY SILENT‘ to all the students of college present in library. She’s mostly at lunch but whenever she’s on duty, she yells. Books in library are always in the worst condition. And you can never find the book you’re looking for because the books are never updated and those racks haven’t been cleaned since 1995.


Only two colleges in Delhi University has this course called Instrumentation, BCAS is one of them. Instrumentation average cut-off goes as low as 75% (not up to a level of some science course), so undeserved students with poor marks and no talent get admission in a science college; and majority of them belong to a certain community (you know who) and they make the college look like a mess all the time and other student’s life miserable.

There are a lot more things to consider but you get the idea, right? College time is the most important time of a student’s life and we advice you to live to the fullest and not regret it later. North and South Colleges are the only colleges to take admission if you want to live the dream DU life.

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